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 How to Meditate, Article – April 16, 2010

How to Meditate For Stress

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The art of "allowing what is" to simply be is a fine art. One could argue that "what is" simply takes place whether we allow it or not. After all, things are the way they are. There is no denying that whatever is, is. However "allowing what is" can alter "what is" beginning with the part that involves our acceptance of "what is". What changes is not however limited to acceptance. Actual events and circumstances can change dramatically through our accepting.

Acceptance is powerful. Resistance is also powerful. Our energies are divided when we resist. How can we be effective or creative without a point of entry? A point of entry is our connection to "what is". In order for us to be effective and make a difference energetically and substantially in our lives we must first be in touch with and connected to what is actually going on. The deeper our acceptance, the stronger our point of entry.

There are those who call this present-tense and simple awareness "mindfulness". It is an apt term for when we are allowing what is, we are being mindful of the moment for all that dwells there. Practicing mindfulness, we exclude nothing. Practicing mindfulness we approach life effortlessly. Once again, actual events are altered through our allowing and acceptance. This occurs out of the change we make within ourselves on the level of disposition. Our disposition has a shape and we attract according to this shape.

The shape of our disposition and feelings dynamically relates to our surroundings and alters our point of entry. We find ourselves equipped for a different set of circumstances by how we feel about those circumstances. When we alter ourselves through acceptance we set the stage for a new circumstantial shape. It is not by projecting an outcome as an end, and it is not by carrying pictures of some proposed reality.

When we project images of what we desire we project out of fear. Desire is the fear on not getting what we need. When we find ourselves allowing what is, we instead find ourselves naturally and organically evolving in an integral way with those circumstances and involve ourselves in a way that is appropriate and true to who we are at heart. In this way, we in no way betray what we might call our destiny.

The key to all of this rests in the dropping of desire and the thoughts they generate. Meditation is a proven method for dropping desire. We just sit. Steadily and surely our thoughts slow when we meditate. We begin to relax into simply being. We begin to accept what is for what it is. Less and less we feel the necessity to force our way or impose some prevailing mental picture.