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Benjamin Dean


Benjamin Dean on How to Meditate

With My Son, Eyan, in Colorado 2010

Background Information

I was born in Virginia, a descendant of Appalachian preachers and covered wagon builders. We moved quite a bit when I was growing up. In high schools I competed in Track and Field. In Junior College, psychology and theatre. I started writing poetry in Detroit in 1982. In college and graduate school, I studied acting and went on to perform Shakespeare in Texas. After graduate school, I began writing plays (all about playwriting, below). I have lived in many states, and in cities that include NYC, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, and Chicago. I have three kids. I currently live in South Carolina. I meditate often.

This Site (

I started this site as a blog in 2010 (, conducting interviews and writing articles on meditation. The blog was exciting for a time, but degraded over time due to lack of attention. The quality of the content remains, and in the last year, though most of my attention has gone to maintaining the pyramid business (Inner Fire Pyramids), I've changed blog to website and updated the look, feel and functionality– rewriting a few of the articles to bring them up to date. I will soon begin soliciting interviews to add more of those as well. I will also be adding a number of ebooks to the shop here, including meditation-related poems, material on esoteric healing, and a few others projects.

Inner Fire Pyramids

I've been active in the world of esoteric and natural healing for over thirty years, beginning as an astrologer and gem therapist in NYC in 1983. My work with copper pyramids began in 1985 and in 2009 I developed the original version of the portable collapsible model offered at I continue to study crystals and gemstones, numerology, esoteric healing practices and meditation.

As Playwright

My one-act comedic drama The Constant Companion was produced as part of the Pittsburgh New Works Festival in September of 2014. In May of 2013, my comedic drama Art Appreciation was chosen for the 2013 Fall Festival of Readings at Artemisia Theatre in Chicago, and in August of that year, my ten-minute play Family Time was produced as part of the "New Rocky Mountain Voices" playwriting competition in Colorado. Previously, in New York City, my first play, The Playground (an existential farce) received a staged reading in '88 at the Actors and Directors Lab at Circle Repertory Theatre and again later that year at the Lee Strasberg Institute. In '89, also in New York, my play Quandary was staged-read at Terry Schreiber Studios. In Northern California (early 90's), my farce Not Just Another Christmas Carol premiered to critical acclaim and, in Los Angeles, my comedy Feet of Clay received a public reading at Sony Pictures Studios (starring Judith Ivey and Cynthia Nixon, among others).