Magick an interview with Catherine Avizinis

 How to Meditate, Interview – March 20, 2010

HTM: What form of meditation do you find most effective?

Catherine: The type of Meditation that I use and teach is Magickal Meditation. Magick is the Art and Science of Wisdom. The word "Magick" is the Old English spelling of the modern word "magic". It is used by many in the Pagan, Wiccan, and Earth-Magick Traditions to show the difference between what they do and the slight-of-hand stage tricks performed for entertainment. It comes from the word Mage and Magi, meaning wise and learned; one who is in tune with the workings of the Universe. In many cultures a Mage is called a Shaman.

The Magickal Meditations use the energies of the natural universe to connect to the super-natural realms for a specific purpose. That is a very important distinction, purpose. This may be a release of stress or deep centering, but usually it is to make inner changes that will affect the outer life and most importantly to discern. Divination, connecting to the collective consciousness or the divine energies, gives us a better understanding of what we are choosing and why and then what consequences may occur.

This is called discerning and it helps us to progress with honor on our Journey-Path. Magickal Meditations use codes. Colors, numbers, and archetypal imagery that resonate across world cultures; the hero quest, the locked portal, the key; are integrated into the visualization to help obtain information. The deeper the meditation is the more honest the connection to the unconscious mind, the spirit.

HTM: Magick Meditation. Excellent. You mention the word purpose as being important. Do you go into this Magick Meditation with a purpose or are you meditating to discover the purpose?

Catherine: There is a purpose to go. It could be relaxation, to release some of the days stress and find a calm place of regeneration or it could be to find the answer to a question or the next best step in a decision. The purpose could be simple or intricate but the visualizations using the codes are what is key. The archetypes used in the codes illicit a physiological response to a mental stimulus.

We can make actual changes to our body chemistry which in turn give rise to behavioral changes and the way we feel and react and progress on our Journey. One of the first meditations I teach, that I use as an example of this, is what I call "The Lemon Trick". Picture for a moment in your mind’s eye a very dark space. Suddenly a bright spotlight flashes on to show a small table with a bright white table cloth a short distance ahead of you. On that table is a clear crystal bowl of lemons.

You can see their shape, their dark yellow color.... Picture yourself walking up to the table... pick up one of the lemons... feel it's texture... it's waxy skin... smell it... Next to the crystal bowl is a knife. Pick up the knife and cut the lemon in half. See all the little spurts of juice squirt out... feel them on your hands... smell the wonderful scent of lemon. Now... bring one of the halves to your mouth and take a big bite into it... What happens in reality... your mouth waters— physiological response to a mental stimulus.

HTM: This is fascinating. While I was reading your response my mouth watered. You speak of archetypes and codes. Can these be anything, and are you selective of these archetypes and codes based on your purpose? Also, what if your approach is more diagnostic (i.e. you don't really know what you are after, but you know there is something needed)?

Catherine: As far as the archetypes are concerned, they are by the very name broad, universal symbols that are found in most cultures and therefore most minds and imaginations. For instance in the Tarot— the King, the thief, the warrior, the seeker are all images that are familiar to most cultures. They carry a certain set of usual qualities and then, of course, they can be made personal to each person. We are all the same yet unique!

A Journey Guide can sort out the signs and images to help understand the message. My system works with colors. It appears that the Universe has created with color and light. These colors are the energy of a specific issue, keying into a specific body area and therefore specific function within our soul and spirit. These, too, appear to be universal in affect.

Think of some of the color phrases in use in our culture: True Blue, In the Pink, See Red, Purple Passions, and Green with envy. These all have roots in their metaphysical function. We find the needed color by using a guided meditation or a pendulum. The inner self always knows which color we need to balance and will gladly tell us the message. Using this information for diagnostic purposes is important.

It can be used to help alleviate blocks and discomforts in the physical, mental, emotional and ethereal Aura. Very often we just don't know where to start to unravel a problem. With my Calya Journey-Wise System we find our Journey Path, a secret color coded map. We should only focus on revealing and releasing one color at a time, as we do we unravel the issues, we progress. We walk toward balance and awakening.

HTM: This is great. What is the most that we can expect from a successful meditation experience?

Catherine: When using the Calya System or any type of meditation the least we can expect is to find an oasis; a safe, comforting place where we can feel at peace; a retreat from the spinning world. But I think the most we can expect is to reach that special place within; the place where body, soul, and spirit connect. I feel it is where we access the deep inner self, the unconscious mind which is connected to the Source or the Collective Consciousness.

From here we can speak to spirits, guides, angels and fey. Here we can say that we have access to the Wisdom that will serve us well. Once we have identified the blocks or energy pattern distortions, it doesn't mean we want to give up those patterns and traits. We just know what we need to do— should do... A successful meditation brings actual physiological changes into our body chemistry to change how we react, self-protect or hide.

We then are not only able to see the next step on our JOURNEY but are then willing and able to want to take it with honor. So then, the most we can expect from a successful meditation is to find clarity; to be able to think for our self and actually figure out, through the deepness of our How to Meditate to get what we want without harming another. Thanks for such good questions.

HTM: I cannot help noticing how you put the words "to want" in bold. I think about how clarity arises, and inspiration (energy) comes from this clarity. What do you feel that the difference is between guidance and attraction? In addition, what means do we have for recognizing "good" guidance or true wisdom? Are we ultimately navigating by how these visions feel to us?

Catherine: The chemical changes help us to make real inner changes. We can then want to make the change exterior, want to— but we still have FREE WILL! We can make any choices that seem good to us at the time. The hope in Spiritual Journey-Work is that we learn to want the highest good for one and all; including ourselves. We gain understanding of how this merging works— good for me— good for you— good for all concerned— by trial and error and of course by someone else telling us... but thinking for our self is always the most indelible lesson.

Learning the difference between guidance and attraction takes place when we are not in a crisis. Every child knows that the things that hurt my feelings will be a hurt to someone else, too. (Do unto others can also be do not do unto others what you do not want done to you) We know it in our own hearts and souls. But Free Will allows us to make any choices that seem good to us at the time.

We are always our own Guide— we want to think for ourselves and not look outside but inside— meditation. There always needs to be a standard to which we hold ourselves... the code of love, the old code the Harm None— So if one accesses the unconscious mind in meditation and really is 'attracted' to the idea of blasting an annoying co-worker, or unfaithful lover, but in the meditation gets GRAY as a color message, then that means hold back, rest, do nothing... because the color code says that is what that means.

Now, if they got Burgundy— confront. If the color was Indigo, tell on them... The messages are clear— the meanings, clear. Empowerment— available. Magick— afoot!!!! Choice— free! Free will trumps all! One is not Wise because of what he has learned or memorized or knows... one is wise because of what he does.

HTM: Are you familiar with the terms "right will" and "right awareness" associated with Zen? If so, do you feel that clarity arising out of Magick Meditation is compatible with this? Also, I read once in a channeled book entitled "The Right Use of Will" that "free will" and "destiny" are the same thing— the argument being that what we choose out of freedom is what is most natural for us, hence our destiny. I wonder if you have any comment on that statement.

Catherine: I have not studied Zen, but I feel that all of the codes reveal the same understandings and that the terms of 'right will' and 'right awareness' are similar to what I practice. The nuances may differ slightly, I don't know— But to comment on Free Will and Destiny— Souls in the Before Time, before they come here to live their physical life— decide the lessons that they wish to learn; set course for a destination, a destiny. This as you say, is chosen out of freedom.

Once here, faced with choices and the circumstances that have formed to help teach those lessons, an individual can choose whatever they want at the time— choose to shape themselves into a kinder, more self-sacrificing being who can let arguments go– or perhaps the lessons were set to become courageous and bold, one who can make a firm stand and let their voice be heard in an argument... The motive and intentions are the most important factors and the Will is the Thing.

That is why the meditation experience is about finding the next step— why no one can tell you what it is but your inner self and the only goal is to Harm None as you walk toward your destination. We do not meditate to become self-centered but self-aware. Through Magickal Meditation we learn how the energies shift, how all qualities are needed and valued. It is the extreme accumulations of energies, that cause issues, energies which have become distorted or out of balance. No one will reach perfection, or placid eternal tranquility. If that is the Yin then there must be the Yang.

HTM: I wonder if you could expound a little on your last sentence about tranquility and perfection. I'm not sure I understand what you are saying there.

Catherine: I guess that we all have different lessons and at any time one's perfection cannot be compared to another's. Some feel that the point of meditation is to reach a quiet, peaceful tranquility where nothing upsets or moves you from your center. Magick is about using the energies available. Not seeing things as positive or negative— example: anger— negative? No needed to correct injustice— always in flux— always seeking balance— always seeking to make the balancing corrections with Harm to None— Difficult.

Magickal Meditation has the purpose of guiding us through the Journey and helping us to make the changes we want to make; perhaps working on Ascension is a way to phrase it. The Journey is the thing— the willful choices— as we travel towards our destination/destiny— different lessons— The Yin and the Yang seek to be blended, balanced. The Extremes seek a vibrational hummmmmmm— Not too little of one color— not too much— but constantly in a state of flux and movement.

HTM: Thank you very much for doing this interview.